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Fossilized Shark Teeth from the Carcharocles Megalodon


VISIT ME HERE http://stores.ebay.com.au/Snaggles-Shark-Teeth CONTACT ME HERE ssteeth@outlook.com 

fossil teeth from other extinct Shark species.

The Shark teeth fossils sold here are high quality teeth. Many of the fossil Shark teeth have a complete root, bourlette, crown, serrations and tip. Some teeth are missing parts as a whole complete tooth is not a common find. Many of these Sharks teeth will be polished, others are natural and only cleaned.

Collectors Preferences vary so I have chosen various styles. An untreated fossil in its natural state is fantastic.  Jewellers and many collectors prefer the beautiful polished fossil that has vibrant colours (some only seen in the sunlight) these teeth are incredible. Both make a unique conversation piece and a fabulous display, because no two are the same, you can build a unique collection. We also sell a variety of fossils and items such as Dinosaur teeth, Squid, Mammal parts, Fish, Ammonites, Sand Dollars, jewellery, tribal items and more!

-If you would like a certificate of authenticity, I have written one on the page called "Mission Statement." You will find the link at the bottom of all pages.

The anatomy of the Shark tooth, polished on the right and un-polished on the left. 


"our fossilized sharks teeth are prized by collectors"

A note on photos, I take all these photos in the sun. These teeth are polished so naturally a tooth in the sun has a different appearance to the same tooth in the shade. Unless your collection is under a very bright light you will not see the hidden colors the sunlight brings out.
Please keep this in mind.

I have drawn this, it is a great white leaping out of the water,




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